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I (we)_____________ and____________ realize that dog mushing activities can be dangerous and may cause injury, I (we) also understand that no one can foresee the many causes of injuries, or the many types of injuries related to mushing activities. On behalf of myself (ourselves) individually or on behalf of our children if any, I (we) release from any and all liability (and agree not to bring claims against) the Chistochina Fun Days Committee should I (we), any guest of mine (ours) or any member of my (our) children be injured at the Chistochina trail systems or during any event sponsored by the Chistochina Fun Days Committee. This release includes claims relating to all injury of any sort, including fatal injury that is not foreseeable at this time.
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Rules for Chistochina Fun Day Races

Please be advised, photos and videos may be taken while you are participating in Chistochina Fun Days races or events, or while using the trail system. Your name, your dog's names and likeness(es) may be used in promoting or advertising Chistochina Fun Days Events, including but not limited to the Chistochina Fun Days website, Facebook pages, race poster, and publication of race results.
1.Each team shall have the choice of its own sled, subject only to the condition that some kind of sled must be drawn, and at the option of the driver, sled may be changed for each day's race. But it must be equipped with an adequate foot brake, anchor, bottom covered basket and brush bow.

2.There shall be 2 time keepers at the starting line and 1 Race Marshall at the finish.

3.Each team must return with the same dogs with which it started each day. Any dog dropped from the first day's race cannot be entered in the second run.

4.It shall not be permitted for any driver to enter any other dogs than those with which he/she started the first day.

5.The time of any driver failing to be at the starting line for any of the day's races shall begin at the time set for such teams starting and he/she shall not be allowed to start until after the last team has left, provided that if more than 1 team starts late each shall start in the regular order of starting time.

6.A team not clearing the chute prior to the starting time of the next team shall be disqualified.

7.No driver will be permitted to have any outside assistance.

A.Each driver may have 1 self appointed handler to assist driver and team out of the starting chute.

8.When 1 team shall overtake another, the team behind shall have the immediate right-of-way upon demand, the driver ahead must stop his/her dogs and hold them to the best of his/her ability until the other team is by. In the event that the team passed shall hang on for 4 minutes or 1 mile he/she shall have the right to demand the trail again. After the team enters the finishing chute he/she does not have to surrender the trail to the team behind. The team following shall maintain an interval of not less than 50 feet.

9.No pacing or trailing in any form shall be allowed.

10.No driver running in the race shall use a loose leader during the race, and all drivers must use neck lines on their dogs with the exception of double leaders which may be used with or without neck lines at the driver's option.

11. Each driver of each team starting the race shall be the only driver thereof during the race, except that a driver may be replaced in the next race on the written order of a doctor.

12.Any driver entering the starting line in an intoxicated condition shall be barred from running the race.

13.Every driver must follow the official course of the race under penalty of disqualification. 14. Every dog used by any driver in the race shall be identified and marked by an official.

14.Every dog used by any driver in the race shall be identified and marked by an offical.

15.The cruel and inhuman treatment of the dogs by any driver ill be the judge of what penalty of disqualification of the race. The Race Marshall shall constitutes cruel and inhuman treatment.

16. Every person entering or driving a team in the race will be required to conduct themself in a sportsman like manner, fair and honorable under penalty of forfeiture of the prize, and the Race Marshall's decision shall be final.

17. The finishing time of each team shall be the time that the first dog's nose crosses the finish line as long as said team is intact with driver, sled and all dogs that started that race.

18. The driver completing the prescribed course in the shortest time will be declared the winner of the race.

19. No driver under 18 years of age will be allowed to compete in the race.

20. Any complaints or protests must be made to the Race Marshall of the race orally within 5 minutes after completion of each race and also be presented in writing to the Race Marshall within 6 hours after the finish of each race.

21.The official decision of the Race Marshall shall be made public 6 hours after the finish of each race.

22. Any driver quitting the race must clear the trail completely until all race teams have returned.

23. No musher will be permitted to use whips, rope or any weapon of any kind within 50 feet in front or behind another team.

24. As there will be 2 race days, any driver who does not complete the 1st day race may compete for day prize money only in the remaining day, starting races last.

25. No team shall use the official race course or any part thereof until all racing teams have returned.

26. The decision of the Race Marshall of the race shall be final upon all points connected with the races.

27. There will be no chains used or carried on the trail at any time.

28. Any race rules or any rule changing the trail for preliminary races may not be changed after the official race season begins.

29. Prize money will be distributed by check after the completion of the final race at the presentation ceremony only.

30. Drawing for the Dog Mushing Event shall establish the entrant's starting position on the first day of said race, starting position thereafter shall be determined by the finishing order of the previous race.

31. In all races there shall be an entrants fee payable by each entrant. Said fee to be determined annually